Coosada residents want removed bridge replaced

Posted by Samuel King - bio | email

COOSADA, AL (WSFA) -   One way in, one way out; that's the reality for some Coosada residents since they lost their bridge.  After years of waiting for a replacement, Kathryn Knight is on a crusade.

"I went to school walking up and down this road, and a bridge was there," Knight said. "That was back in the fifties, when they took it out it's just a problem."

She says five years ago, officials removed the bridge over Coosada Creek on Lower Gibsontown Road, a road that serves several families.  The bridge had deteriorated to the point where it was unsafe.  But Knight says officials never got around to replacing the bridge - so now the school bus has to turn around twice while picking up and dropping off students.

"If the end that we are on get(s) blocked, how can we get out," Knight said.  "We can't, there's no other way out.  We just want our bridge back, we don't need a fancy bridge, just a bridge like there was before."

Coosada Mayor Jon Chapman says town officials would like to replace the bridge, but they're not able to foot the bill on their own.  Chapman says it would take at least $100,000 to replace the bridge.  He says the town applied for grants, and requested help from the county, but so far, no money and no bridge.

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