Alabama/Mississippi post game quotes

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

  • Opening statement:

"The goal of this game was for us to get back to playing with the kind of effort, the kind of toughness, and the discipline, execution and intensity that you need to play with to play winning football. We probably hit on the toughness part; I was pleased with that. I thought we tackled better on defense and played on the line of scrimmage better. We did a better job all the way around. I thought we gave a much better effort in this game. Guys really played hard, and I'm really proud of that. The intensity was good. The execution was not what it needs to be, and that's something we can to improve on. We had way too many penalties, discipline penalties  - offside on defense, false starts on offense – and those are things that we need to improve on because that is very uncharacteristic of us. We struggled a little bit offensively. We've actually struggled against these guys for three years in a row offensively. They pretty much take the run away from you and make it difficult to run. You have got to execute in the passing game. At times we did, and at times we didn't. They gave us too many negative plays, and the penalties hurt our offense stopping us on a couple of drives. We didn't make enough explosive plays. We did a pretty good job of scoring in the red zone and still put some pretty good drives together. There's a lot to improve on, and I'm sure that everyone will be focused on trying to improve.

Ole Miss has a good football team. They played hard out there tonight. They're very well coached. They're very difficult to defend, in terms of the kind of offense they run. I think their quarterback does a fabulous job with the option. It was really challenging to our players, but I was really pleased with the way we played it. I think in the first half, we played great on third down. On their scoring drives, I know we had them in third down three times and never got them off the field. I know they were much better on third down, and that's why they possessed the ball in the second half because we didn't get them off the field on a couple of drives on third down. That's something that we need to improve on. We did a nice job of stopping them on third in the first half, though."

#3 Trent Richardson Running Back

  • On the energy level

"I thought the energy level was good when we came back in the second half. We came out and executed plays, and we got to the ball. We did what we had to do to get the win."

  • On if this game was a good response after last week's loss to South Carolina

"We needed a game like this. We had a minor setback, and we needed to comeback big after the loss. We got the win tonight and will continue to work on things in practice to get better."

#57 Marcell Dareus Defensive Line

  • On whether or not he thought the team got back to winning football tonight

"To me, I do not really think we are quite there. We have a lot of room for improvement. We need to go in and get back to the playbooks and watch more film to get rid of the mistakes we had. I made some mistakes today that I should not have made. I need to go into practice and get better at things that way I can help lead this team."

  • On getting hurt early in the game and continuing to play

I always tell the team I will give them everything I have. I am going to give 110 percent every time I get on the field. Getting hurt is not even a question. I have to go out there and perform the best way I can.

INFORMATION SOURCE: University of Alabama Athletics