Editorial: Rising Domestic Violence

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Violent crimes statewide continue to decrease but domestic violence homicides continue to increase. Five years ago there were 27 in Alabama. Three years ago there were 32. Last year there were 40.

This year there have been five homicides in Montgomery alone due to domestic violence.  Alabama ranks among the top three states in the number of women killed by men.

The key to preventing more tragedies is to report domestic violence. Calling the Family Sunshine Center 800 number is a good start – 800-650-6522.

Stop before you strike someone you are in a relationship with and seek help. Don't stay in abusive relationships.

Next week, the One Place Family Justice Center will open in Montgomery. This facility will help domestic violence victims immeasurably and play a big role in helping curb the escalation of this problem.

We applaud the Montgomery Police Department and the Montgomery County District Attorney's office for making domestic violence prevention a top priority.