Selma: Southside Primary Teacher a Class Act

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Selma, AL (WSFA) - After 36 years in the classroom Ms. Pearline Reese is about ready to call it quits, and what a career she's had.   Mrs. Reese has spent the last 34 years at Southside Primary School in Selma.    "I like the area, and the children, and something just  makes you feel real good when you see them blossom," Reese said.

She spends her day bouncing around the classroom like a teacher just out of college.    And she says every student will get it, if you just be patient.    "I try to do what I did with my kids.   They enjoyed it.  I try to go one on one with the students, and if they can't get it the first time, we just keep going until they get it."

So what will the do next year without her?   "Oh, I'm sure they'll get by."   They will, but they will really miss Mrs. Pearline Reese, a real Class Act.

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