An In-depth look at Amendment 3

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Amendment three allows voters to decide whether the state should spend about a third of a $3-billion trust fund on highway and infrastructure projects.

The trust fund collects interest on royalties paid to the state by oil companies that participate in offshore drilling off of Alabama's coast.

If passed, lawmakers would decide how to spend 75 million dollars every year for ten years. The last 25 million would be spread out to cities and counties across the state.

Representative John Knight, (D) Montgomery, says using the fund to fix roads will save tax payers a lot of money.

"If you're not going to raise taxes. If the people of this state consistently say that we're not going to increase taxes then you have to go into your savings account to be able to do some of the things and sustain them in the state of Alabama."

Senator Larry Dixon, (R) Montgomery, opposes the plan. He says rebuilding roads and bridges is fine with him. But he's not O.K. with who will determine which projects get funded.

Dixon says, "If the highway department were going to be in charge of it. I might swallow hard and not be as against it as much as I am. But the highway department is not going to be in charge of it. Roger Bedford is going to be in charge of it. Democrats who are in charge of those committees are going to be in charge of it and they're going to use it to build projects in their districts."

Supporters keep saying it's a great investment Alabama while opponents say it's an unnecessary expense.

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