Charities lose in Victoryland shutdown

Macon County Humane Society President Lorna Aho
Macon County Humane Society President Lorna Aho

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - "I feel a little bit used. I'm quite irritated. I think it would have been a courtesy to at least call us," says Lorna Aho.

Macon County Humane Society President Lorna Aho says the organization's future looks grim.

"They basically said Victoryland's closed.  You're not getting your money," says Aho.

Victoryland supports 60 charities giving a check to one charity each week.

Up until now, the humane society got $25,000 dollars from the casino's bingo proceeds.

Victoryland employees expect the bingo facility to stay closed through the end of the year--25 total weeks of no bingo and 25 charities not getting checks.

"We had known that possibly next year's check would be in question because yes, obviously Victoryland's had bingo shut down for the rest of the year, but we were pretty sure the agreement was retroactive and there isn't any reason why we shouldn't be getting the funds that are due now," says Aho.

Aho says the Victoryland check is the only money they have to care for nearly 300 dogs and cats each year.

Vice President Karin Roth didn't realize Victoryland's shutdown could mean theirs, too.

"We won't be able to continue. I don't see any possible way of continuing. I really don't," adds Roth.

WSFA 12 News tried contacting multiple Victoryland executives and Milton McGregor's attorney Joe Espy.

But none of them returned our phone calls.

The only thing employees could tell us was as long as bingo was a no-go so were charity checks.

"If you have kittens or puppies and you don't have the money to take care of them. Guess what?  Take them on down to the steps of the state house, or take them to the doors of Victoryland, because we don't have money because of their infighting."

The last year has been tough for the humane society after three summer break-ins forced them to consider closing.

They say they'll have to raise $25,000 dollars to stay open.

The bingo facility closed in August putting more than 600 people out of work.

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