Alabama officials speak out about Amendment 3

Alabama Retirement Systems CEO Dr. David Bronner
Alabama Retirement Systems CEO Dr. David Bronner

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF)- The campaign is increasing to get your vote on Amendment 3.

Some of Alabama's lawmakers are coming out with their opposition to the road and infrastructure bill.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Jobs Coalition has released a new TV ad in support of the bill.  The group is a partnership of 24 organizations working together to help create more jobs in the state.

Amendment 3 calls for 100 million dollars to be spent on roads and bridges each year over ten years. The money would come from the Alabama Trust Fund.

Dr. David Bronner, the CEO of Alabama Retirement Systems, is against the amendment because of how the money is distributed. He says 100 million dollars would only build 18 miles of road. He also said spreading the money out over all 67 counties won't mean any significant road improvements and won't stimulate any new job growth.

"So you didn't prioritize anything, and you spread it over the entire state.  so what you get is a little road and bridge slush fund for the politicians, that's all you get," said Dr. Bronner.

"These folks are supporting the South Alabama crowd.  That's why they're in North Alabama opposing this. They want all the money to continue going to South Alabama.  I'm trying to bring it to North Alabama," said Sen. Lowell Barron about the Jobs Coalition's ad.

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