Chizik speaks about 24-17 win over LSU

AUBURN- Once again it came down to the final minutes of the game for Auburn to emerge victorious, taking down LSU 24-17, and Coach Chizik had more than a few positive things to say about his team's performance.

"Obviously, that was another great game that came down to the end and somehow another our football team found a way to win it. I've said this for the last seven weeks, but my hat*s off to our football team," Chizik said of their overall play.

When asked about defense, he said "I thought we were a little bit beat up tonight going into the game defensively. I could not be more proud of our defensive staff, our defensive players. We were playing with true freshmen. We were playing with walk-ons. We were just fighting, clawing and scrapped our way to playing well today. I really appreciate that by our guys."

Chizik also commented on the  record-setting night for Cam Newton, who many are pinning as the frontrunner for the Heisman. "Offensively, again, every week, Cam seems to be playing better. I don't think today was any exception to that. I think we had another 100 yard rusher in Michael Dyer. Special teams-wise, we put our offense in the hole just about the whole second half which was really disappointing. We felt like that was going to be a better part of our game. We certainly have some work to do there. Offensively, my hat's off to those guys, too. It is just a blessed day for all of us at Auburn, and we will enjoy this for the next however many hours, and we will go back to work Sunday."

WSFA will post a full wrap-up of the Auburn-LSU match up shortly.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Auburn University Athletics