Concerns arise over Macon county animal care

Macon Co. animal control officer Michael Williams and Macon Co. Humane Society VP Karin Roth
Macon Co. animal control officer Michael Williams and Macon Co. Humane Society VP Karin Roth

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - "That's a dog call right there, ma'am. Hello?"

Macon County animal control officer, Michael Williams, hears his phone ring nearly 10 times a day--calls from residents about stray dogs and cats.

Williams picks up between 10 to 15 animals each week and says without organizations like the Macon County Humane Society.

"It would be overcrowded.  We'd probably have to put dogs down every week then," says Williams.

Employees with the county's animal control and volunteers at the Macon County Humane Society say the two offices work hand in hand.

In fact, county workers credit the humane society for keeping the animals alive.

"All we got is a shelter for them to go in. We got no medicine at all...nothing like that. But they got everything. They got our back," says Williams in reference to the humane society.

Before the humane society came along, officials euthanized roughly 15 dogs a week. Thanks to the society's adoption program, it's down to two.

"If it weren't for them, I don't know what we going to do," says Williams.

Employees say one reason they have such a great relationship with the humane society is they're right next door.  The county commission donated office space to the society over the summer after multiple break-in's forced them to move out of their old location.

"We do everything we can to keep Macon County Humane Society afloat," says Karin Roth.

Roth is the Vice President of the Macon County Humane Society.  She says the organization is volunteer-based with no one to handle fundraising.  That's why their Victoryland check is so important.

"We just need help. We're not looking for freebie money. We're desperate now for a solution and we're reaching out to the community," says Roth.

The humane society held a bake sale this week to raise money.

County commissioners say they'll discuss what they can do at the next commission meeting.

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