Car parts supplier expands bringing 100 jobs to south Alabama

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) -  In just a few months the number of machines at Hwashin America Corporation will multiply.

The company makes the chassis and other car parts for the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing plant in Montgomery and the Kia Motor Manufacturing plant in Georgia.

Next year, they're driving up production--making employee James McQueen thankful he works for a growing company.

"I feel blessed, I really do. It's a good thing to have a job," says McQueen.

Hwashin's building a 120,000 square foot facility providing extra space for the same type of work they're doing now--a $17 million dollar investment Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon says will pump millions into the local economy.

"[It will] probably bring somewhere around $2-3 million dollars per year in payroll. With payroll, the people, they're going to go out and spend the money and that's going to help our sales tax revenue," says McLendon.

"It's good for the economy and other people who need jobs," says McQueen.

Workers say the expansion is not only good for the company, it's good for them too. As production needs go up, so does job security.

"I know I have a job," says McQueen.

McLendon hopes the addition of 100 new jobs drops Greenville's unemployment rate below 10%.

McQueen says this job is all he has to provide for his daughter.

"I love her to death."

He's anxious for soon-to-be new employees to have the same chance.

The company hopes to start hiring in June. They expect the new plant to be up and running by next fall.

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