Selma police look for school shooting suspects

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Two things are different at Payne Elementary School in Selma; more security guards and the two windows shot out Monday afternoon have been replaced by school maintenance personnel.

For Dr. Donald Jefferson this is his first major crisis after officially taking over as the city school superintendent just a week ago.

"We still have to have school and we still have to teach. Everything is getting back to normal," said Jefferson.

So far Selma police haven't arrested anyone in connection with the shooting. WSFA 12 News has learned some juvenile suspects shot at another group of juveniles in front of the school.

The suspects in question were not students at Payne but may have come from a local junior high school or Selma High School, according to Jefferson.

When the bullets started flying, one teacher struck her head on a desk as she was ducking for cover. Another school employee, a school nurse, was shakened. She requested a trip to the hospital since she is pregnant. Jefferson says they're both fine.

School officials made counselors available for children who needed them.

Even though no one was seriously injured, the potential danger was there. School leaders shudder at the thought this could have happened 30 minutes earlier, right when the kids were getting out for the day.

A fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by Sidney Scott who lives less than 50 yards away from Payne Elementary on Eugene Avenue.

"I heard the shots and it sounded like firecrackers. It was incredible since nothing like this happened in this neighborhood before," said Scott.

The story of hearing multiple shots seems to match up with what investigators have concluded; at least two guns were used, firing a total of about 6 rounds.

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