Cash for Kindness: Idela Mims

We Went to Carver High School to pass along 120 dollars to a woman going through some rough times. A friend wanted to lend a helping hand and we were glad to help out with a little Cash for Kindness.

When the new Carver High school opened it's door this fall a lot of students, teachers and workers made the transition to the new facility including Idela Mims a custodial worker. She was nominated by Lachandra Timmons-Brooks a teacher at Carver. "She goes beyond the call of duty of being custodian she is here to do whatever she likes to see people happy."

Back in April Mims helped two students who couldn't afford prom dresses, not only get dresses but also get to the prom.  It's that kind of kindness that Timmons- Brooks thought we should reward. So, we handed her 120 dollars to surprise Idella Mims also known as "Miss Dee." Timmons Brooks told us Mims has gone through some tough times and that the surprise couldn't have come at a better time.

We surprised Mrs. Dee in the hallway with the money and she told us about her struggles.  "It's been hard my husband was working and the doctor said he couldn't work any more so he's trying for his disability so everything is in my lap and it's been a struggle."

With 120 dollars we hope she can put those struggles on hold at least for one day as she celebrates the kindness of others.

If you know someone you'd like to nominate for "Cash for Kindness" send Valorie an e-mail to and don't forget to put "Cash for Kindness" in the subject line.