Pike Road: Hey Look at Us!

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Pike Road, AL (WSFA) - There's something big going on in the town of Pike Road.   It has folks in more than 25 neighborhoods joining forces and working together.    It's a contest called "Hey, Look at Us."   Several weeks ago town leaders delivered huge bales of hay at the entrance of 26 neighborhoods.   Check out the hay bail works of art in the Pike Road contest called "Hey Look at Us."     "The goal is to bring people together," said Pike Road mayor Gordon Stone.       "People in one neighborhood might be checking out another neighborhood and  that connects people.    The whole idea is to get neighborhoods involved, so Pike Road isn't just a name, but a collection of people."

From super-sized turkeys, to space ships, to spooky spiders, there's a little bit of everything.   "We are proud of our neighborhood," said Pike Road resident Elizabeth Hardaway.   "Our design is the black widow spider, just like us, small and mighty."   It's all about teamwork.   "We had fun," said Pike Road resident Palmer Coley.    "We had fired up dads, kids, about 30 people showed up to decorate."    "It was a lot of fun, we drove around to see what other neighborhoods did," said Pike Road resident John Coley.  You can check out of the fall creations on the Pike Road website.  They'll be out until mid November to help raise awareness for the Pike Road Arts and Craft Fesitval.

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