County Road 12 - Girl Farmer

As a little girl, Gena Boswell always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. As a young woman she has become exactly what she always dreamed of, what that is, might surprise you. Debbie Williams has her story, in tonights edition of County Road 12.

"Right about 250 acres of corn. 650 of cotton we've got little over 700 acres of peanuts and we got about 56 cows and 41 goats and four chickens and 7 kids" Meet 29 year old Gena Boswell, wife, mother, former beauty queen and farmer.

For as long as she can remember, this is what she wanted to do. "Everybody said that you can't do it nowadays and it is tough for young farmers." But they didn't know who they were dealing with. "You know when you get something in your blood and you know its meant to be when you're there it's just the way it is." "Come here babies," she yells in the distance. Her partner in crime, her husband Craig. "You can't get no better than her." We got married in April, just as soon as we got married we came straight to the field and got on our tractors didn't even go home." He'll be the first to tell you he doesn't know how she does it all. "She also takes care of all the washing and the cleaning and the cooking and all that and that's a lot of grocery shopping and all those trips to the bank and farm service office." This is where she always wanted to be. "I knew when I smelled that fresh dirt that was turning up that was where I needed to be right there."

The one person who would have expected her to be out here, her Dad. "He always said that if you wanted to do anything in the world that you could do it and don't let anything stop ya." He died when she was 14. "He would love this. He would be so proud."

It's probably the hardest job you'll ever love. You have to be born to do it, not everybody wants to or can. "So you couldn't do it without her?" I ask. "Oh, no way," her husband Craig responds. "And she probably couldn't do it without you?" "She probably could."

There's still a double-take every now and then from passerby, glancing up at that farmer in the field. "They can't believe that a girl is on a tractor" If they'd ever met her they would know, that's no girl, that's a farmer. "It's a perfect life, it's a perfect life."

In Goshen, Debbie Williams, and photojournalist Darren Gilley, somewhere out along County Road 12.