Volunteers making a difference at Dream Park in Andalusia

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - More than 60 drills, 500 pounds of nails, 1,000 pieces of lumber, smoothing the way to the complete renovation and expansion of Dream Park.

"No more splinters for children as they run by," said project organizer Kristy White.

A face-lift that also includes 1,200 square feet of a new play area for children with special needs.

"This is a Godsend," said Kandi Bowdoin.

A gift for Bowdoin because her 19-month old son has spina bifida. For example, the new playscape has a tractor-pulling hay wagon swing that also doubles as a wheelchair, a maze designed for those needing upper arm strength.

"I could take my son and put him in a swing but it's so much better to put him in the park and let him be around other children," said Bowdoin.

Kristy White laid the groundwork for the expansion. It's a community-based project and White figured:

"Why not? We need to come to the aid of others in this world," said White.

Once White sliced through the details as to what the renovation would look like, she called for volunteers.

They showed up, nearly 400 of them like Seth Ard.

"You give of yourself," said Ard.

Although the work was hard and tiresome, volunteers say what makes this project shine is the fact no one cared who got the credit. After all the new and much improved Dream Park isn't for them per se, it's for the little ones who play on it now and for those to come.

"They don't know me.. won't know that I worked here but I know I worked here and that I helped them," said Ard.

In all nearly 1,000 tools were used to shape and mold Dream Park and 16 new components were added in the area for special needs children.

The goal was to complete the renovation and expansion in 4 days. They made it.. going from a work in progress to what White and volunteers consider the crown jewel of Covington County.

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