Tallassee City Schools keep accreditation

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TALLASSEE, AL (WSFA) - Years of hard work end with a celebration at Tallassee High School.

Representatives of a national accreditation team revealed the results of a three day evaluation--announcing the school system will keep it's accreditation.

"I think students needed to be there. Because it's all about the students," says math teacher, Carol McDaniel.

Carol McDaniel's math class was there for the good news.

"We worked hard, and yes, it was a sigh of relief. We have a good school system," says McDaniel.

Accreditation means school staff, community members and the system's overall operations work together to meet students' needs.

The system was rated in 7 categories and had one year prior to the evaluation to meet all the certain criteria.

Those categories include the school's vision, leadership, teaching, documentation, support systems, community relationships, and commitment to improve.

Junior Peyton Cunningham hoped her school would pass the test.

"I was kinda nervous. And they stressed how important this was for our school," says Cunningham.

McDaniel says with proration, the last few years have been tough on schools--making goals that much harder to achieve.

"It's a relief that we're accredited even though we're not getting the funds that we need," adds McDaniel.

The good news of the accreditation doesn't just mean the school system can sit back and relax. There are some recommendations that they must improve on within the next 2 years. And shortly after that, the accreditation process starts all over again.

The school system will be re-evaluated for accreditation status in five years.

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