Pulling wagon of asphalt, RSA's Bronner calls Amendment 3 "robbery"

Dr. David Bronner of the RSA
Dr. David Bronner of the RSA

MOBILE, AL – Pulling a red wagon full of asphalt and flanked by poster of Bonnie & Clyde and Frank & Jesse James, Dr. David G. Bronner, CEO of the Retirement Systems of Alabama came out even stronger Thursday against Amendment 3, calling it robbery.  Speaking in the Lobby of RSA Battle House Tower in downtown Mobile, Bronner emphasized that for $100 million a year, each county gets less than 3/10th of a mile of new road.

"At first glance, Amendment 3 sounds like a good plan. Apple pie and the like, but when you study it, we will not get roads or bridges or jobs from this Amendment," Bronner said. "They want to take $100 million from savings each year for 10 years and spread it across the state. You will not get one road from Amendment 3. You might get a can a paint and a paint brush to help paint a bridge, but that is about it. Don't fool yourself, you won't generate 28,000 jobs. Can you imagine 28,000 jobs for 18 miles of new road? That is ridiculous."

Bronner took aim at the advertisements being shown on television. "The people pushing for Amendment 3 keep showing kids on school buses in their ads and saying it will bring new roads and bridges and jobs. I suggest they replace the school buses with photos of Bonnie and Clyde or Frank and Jesse James," Bronner explained. "Instead of robbing banks, stagecoaches or trains, Amendment 3 is robbing the Trust Fund and giving money to the politicians. We are being sold a bill of goods on this and Alabama deserves better. This is nothing more than a slush fund. We need to stop this abuse."

The Alabama Job's Coalition says voters should check "yes" on the ballot because the measure will create jobs, will not involve any taxes, reduce traffic fatalities and aid Alabama tourism.

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