Theft of big rocks lands Brundidge man in big trouble

Randall Hall (Courtesy: Elmore Co. Sheriff's Office)
Randall Hall (Courtesy: Elmore Co. Sheriff's Office)
A pile of large rocks owned by Alabama taxpayers is at the center of this case.
A pile of large rocks owned by Alabama taxpayers is at the center of this case.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Elmore County investigators say they've charged 41-year old Randall Hall with first degree theft for allegedly stealing what's commonly referred to in the highway construction business as 'rip-rap,'... heavy rocks.

The rocks are the type you usually see on shorelines or on the side of an interstate to prevent erosion.

"He may have intended to use them for personal gain or sell to someone else. The bottom line is the state of Alabama is out more than $100,000," said Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

The materials belong to the Alabama Department of Transportation and were paid for by Alabama taxpayers.

Hall is the President of the S.A. Graham Construction Company in Brundidge in Pike County. DOT hired the man's company to do some bridge work in Montgomery County. Instead of delivering the rocks to the construction site, detectives say Hall had them trucked to private property in the Titus community in Elmore County.

The sheriff says that's when neighbors in Titus got suspicious.

"A lot of people were very inquisitive about what was going on because they had never seen that many dump trucks come through the area. They told us, and we checked it out," Franklin said.

DOT officials say they have stopped all construction work with the Graham Company and payments to the company have also been halted.

Randall Hall declined to tell his side of the story. His secretary said he had 'no comment'. The company website says S.A. Graham has been in business since 1954.

Sheriff Franklin says there is a 'real possibility' that additional arrests will be made.

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