Laptops stolen in break-in at GOP's county headquarters

The door to the GOP headquarters was forced open.
The door to the GOP headquarters was forced open.

Posted B: Max Reiss

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - With just days left until the midterm elections, which will decide some of Alabama's crucial seats, it couldn't be a worse time for a burglary. That's exactly what happened overnight Thursday into Friday.

"I got a call about 8:15 this morning from one of the staff and he said, 'Hey, you better get down here,'" said Rich Giordano, the Montgomery Republican Party Headquarters Office Manager.

Theives entered through the building's service entrance where drilled holes could be seen just above the door knob. The theives then went inside looking for any valuables to take.

Giordano said he doesn't think there was any political motive in the crime because of where they attempted to enter the office.

"It appears they were trying to get into the finance office next door," Giordano said.

In total, ten laptops were lifted from the GOP office. Republican staff said that the approximate value of the computers is about $1,500 total. Staff also said the information on the laptops was not particularly sensitive information - mainly information from phone banks, and how to target certain demographics and geographic areas.

Even though those on the county level don't suspect any political games are being played, those at the state level aren't so sure there wasn't another reason for the burglary."

"We're not making any accusations or alleging that there's been any political motive here, but it certainly raises an eyebrow or two when you see it happen four days before an election," said Philip Bryan, spokesman for the Alabama GOP.

Alabama Democrats say they have no interest in getting a 'leg-up' with stolen material.

"No. There's now way we would use that," said Jim Spearman, Alabama Democratic Party Executive Director. "Hopefully, there's a code of ethics out there."

The GOP's office is not equipped with an alarm system or surveillance cameras and there are no pictures of those who broke in.

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