Economic signs of life near Montgomery Mall

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As the new sign is going up, so is Jack Thomas' optimism. "I have nothing but positive feelings about this," said Jack Thomas, Jr.

Miss Williams feels the same way. "I am delighted," she said.

McGehee Shoppes is now 'The Village at McGehee,' bought by McGehee Village Partners, LLC., an out of state investment group, according to Thomas. Thomas declined to say where they're from.  Records with the Montgomery County Revenue Department show a bill of sale hasn't been filed yet.

"They know what they're doing. They've invested $1 billion in other properties across the nation," said Thomas.

"I was just telling my mom that it was so sad to see these nice buildings empty," said Williams.

By buying the property the new owners believe this will be the catalyst to get something going at Montgomery Mall.

In fact, Thomas indicated the new owners would not have taken a chance on The Village at McGehee if they didn't think Montgomery Mall had a chance.

"The company that bought the property is aware of that and feels like something will happen across the street," said Thomas.

As for Montgomery Mall, Blue Ridge Capital, the mall's current owner, says the property is for sale but its first choice is to lease it out.

So far nothing definitive.

Jack Thomas, Jr., is not the only one waiting and wondering. So is Miss Williams.

"I am hopeful," said Williams.

Thomas by the way used to be the Operations Manager and later General Manager at Montgomery Mall.

Thomas says he's already gotten a few calls from potential clients expressing interest in the old Bruno's grocery store at The Village at McGehee.

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