Voters feel political ad overload

Posted by Samuel King - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -   At this time in an election year, voters start to talk about being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of political ads on radio and television.

"I put them on mute when they come on the TV," said Sandy Greenwood, a voter.  "You don't know which ones to believe and which ones not to believe."

"I'm about tired of them really," said Renada Reese, a voter.  "If you're going to vote, you know who you're going to vote for!"

Despite what voters may say about negative ads, Auburn-Montgomery Political Science Professor Brad Moody says they can be very effective even at this stage in the election cycle.

"The candidates and campaigns, at this point, are not fools," Moody said.   "They know it's the negative ads that get people's attention.  It's the negative ads that change people's behaviors."

And Moody says there are still a small percentage of voters who haven't made up their minds.

"They don't change very many people's minds, but in a close race at this point four or five percent can perhaps make a difference in the outcome," Moody said.

So the ads are here to stay, even if voters wish they would just go away.

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