Stores trade costumes for Christmas trees

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Deck the halls--or in this case, the aisles--with new holiday inventory at the Montgomery Sears store in Eastdale Mall.

Manager Byron Mason says they're jumping on a popular shopping month early!

"This is the Black Friday NOW ad. The traffic was at the doors this morning.  We opened up and several people came in with their buggies," says Mason.

His seasonal section is close to completion.

"Putting out the merchandise, putting out the doorbusters," adds Mason.

In some stores Halloween items are already on clearance--like at the Montgomery Target store--where managers say customers dictate how long Halloween items stay on the shelf and how quickly Christmas items appear.

"As you look around, we have a lot of empty space and some of them already we have a Christmas fill," says Target manager, Evelina Bialon.

"Christmas shopping used to come a little bit after Thanksgiving," says Debrah Townsend.

Townsend was surprised to see discounts on Halloween merchandise already.

Managers say as they sell it, Christmas stuff takes its place. Townsend wishes it wasn't so rushed.

"I like to do each holiday a little bit at a time," she says.

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