Candidates for Lieutenant Governor make final pitch

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The candidates for Lieutenant Governor spent Monday making their closing arguments.  The Lieutenant Governor presides over the State Senate, and would also take over as governor if a sitting governor is forced out of office.  Democratic incumbent Jim Folsom, Jr. is taking on Republican candidate and current State Treasurer Kay Ivey.

Folsom and Ivey hammered each other over the airwaves the past two months.  Folsom criticized Ivey's handling of the state prepaid tuition program, Ivey criticized Folsom's leadership of the State Senate.

But on the last day of campaigning, they both chose to stress the positive.  Folsom spent a lot of time in a plane, crisscrossing the state before his final stop here in Montgomery.

"The time for campaign accusations is over," Lt. Governor Folsom said.  "It's time to think about who the best person for this job."

Folsom has been elected Lt. Governor three times beginning in 1986.  He says he has the experience to work across party lines.

"I think I have tried to be a fair and impartial presiding officer for all Senators, despite their geographic location or their party affiliation," Lt. Governor Folsom said.

WSFA 12 News caught up with Kay Ivey on the state capitol steps.  She helped rally supporters along with gubernatorial candidate Robert Bentley.

"I'm the underdog in this race, we both started as underdogs," she said to Bentley during the rally.

Ivey defended her stewardship of the PACT plan saying it has never missed a payment. While the Lieutenant Governor has few constitutional powers, Ivey said presiding over the State Senate is a key power.

"The power of the Lieutenant Governor rests in the power of the gavel and for far too long, the power of the gavel has rested with the special interests and the power brokers, when Kay Ivey has that gavel that would be the gavel of the people," Ivey said.

Both said they would be able to lead the State Senate, no matter which party takes control.  Folsom said he expects the legislative races to be close.

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