Montgomery Board of Education hold on to seats

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -    The two incumbents on the ballot for the Montgomery County Board of Education appeared to be re-elected to their seats Tuesday night, according to unofficial results.  Democrat and School Board President Beverly Ross had a narrow margin over Republican Candidate Dr. Lori White in District 7, 52% to 48%.

Ross believes the tightly contested campaign served to bring people out to the polls.

"The negativity that was portrayed, I guess that put a fire under some people," Ross said.  "They wanted to come out and make a difference."

In the District 4 race, Mary Briers overwhelmingly led her Republican opponent Jack Hornady, 78% to 22%, with 96 percent of the vote.

"They know that I care about children," Briers said.  "My overwhelming victory here tonight means that they say you've done it, and we want you to continue."

Both Hornady and Dr. White campaigned on a platform of change on the school board.  Both candidates told WSFA 12 News they were disappointed with the results, and what they mean for the future of the schools.  But Ross said the board has made strides and will continue to do so.

"Over the months, people have been telling me how they feel the board has operated," Ross said.  "They talk about the divisiveness sure enough, but they also tell me the board has done a good job and has made some changes."

Both Briers and Ross said they're eager to solve the problems that still confront the Montgomery Public School system.  The two women will begin their new terms in a few weeks.

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