Jessica Brookshire and KARMA continue to make a difference

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "Hi, I'm Jessica Brookshire and I was bullied myself."

It's a Friday morning at Prattville Christian Academy and Jessica Brookshire tells her story, one she never gets tired of sharing.

"I've spoken to more than  52,000 kids in Alabama," said Brookshire.

It's a message Brookshire feels kids need to keep hearing, again and again.

"This is a personal connection. I'm seeing that I am making a difference. I'm getting positive feedback.. that's the drive that keeps me going," Brookshire said.

A drive that's taken her far beyond Prattville since our last in-depth interview with Jessica over the summer.

CNN came calling and so did 'The Mike Huckabee Show' in New York City, networks giving Brookshire a worldwide audience to hear about the evils of bullying.

"I was bullied so bad I didn't want to go to school," Brookshire told the entire school at PCA.

Jessica is the first to say up front she was never bullied physically but emotionally and verbally by peers as a child and in high school. The way Jessica looks at it, pain is pain, no matter how it's delivered.

Brookshire estimates she's addressed another 7,000 elementary and high school students since our interview and her speaking engagements have grown as well.

"Since our last story KARMA's grown," she said proudly.

KARMA stands for 'Kids Against Ridicule Meanness and Aggression.' KARMA used to be a way to simply encourage folks to be nice to one another. Now it's a foundation with a grander purpose.

"We've become an official non-profit foundation working towards getting the funding to start the process of legislation and education in schools," said Brookshire.

One of the goals of the KARMA foundation is to get legislation passed in Alabama that makes bullying a crime.

Jessica Brookshire had plans to become an international lawyer. She still plans to become an attorney but with a different focus.

"I'm shifting my focus to child advocacy law," she said.

It seems clear Jessica Brookshire and her KARMA foundation continue to change hearts and minds. The message is already sinking in with 7-year old Ivey Coburn.

"Bullying is not nice and it hurts people's feelings," Coburn said.

"You kill them with kindness," said Brookshire.

Another school assembly, another personal story. It's on to another school in Montgomery later this month and then there's a planned trip to South Carolina and Texas, a crusade borne out of pain.

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