Bentley assembles 'transition team'

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Governor-Elect Robert Bentley is already making steps to take over power, announcing a transition team, selecting 18 members to organize the creation of the Bentley administration in Montgomery.

The list includes Alabama Power CEO Charles McCrary, RSA chief Dr. David Bronner and Lynn Beshear, executive director of Envision 2020.

"Of course, I was honored, and of course, view it as a great opportunity," Beshear said.

Bentley also selected Democrats, such as House Speaker Seth Hammett, to join the team.

Beshear, echoing the sentiment of the Governor-Elect, says the varying viewpoints and help from the opposing party will make the transition easier with politicians and voters alike.

"The people spoke last night, and they said we want cooperation. We know there are differences. We know these are not easy challenges that we're faced with," Beshear explained.

Challenges, Bentley told reporters, that place politics in the back seat for now.

"It's a time to work together with everyone. Republicans, democrats, blacks, whites, everyone needs to come together because we have a lot of problems in the state," Bentley said.

Here is the complete list of transition team members:

Charles McCrary, (Transition Team Chairman), President and CEO, Alabama Power Company, Birmingham

Lynn Beshear, Executive Director, Envision 2020, Montgomery

Dr. David Bronner, Chief Executive Officer, Retirement Systems of Alabama, Montgomery

Terry Bunn, S T Bunn Construction, Tuscaloosa

David Cooper, Sr. Vice Chairman, Cooper/T. Smith Corporation, Mobile

Brig. Gen. Ed Crowell (ret), Senior Vice President of Administration, V.T. Miltope, Pike Road

Dr. Marquita Davis, Commissioner, Department of Children's Affairs, Montgomery

Sam H. Givhan, Partner, Wilmer & Lee, Huntsville

Speaker Seth Hammett, Vice President of Business Development, PowerSouth Energy, Andalusia

John Johns, Chairman, President and CEO, Protective Life Corporation, Birmingham

John J. McMahon, Jr. Chairman, Ligon Industries, LLC, Birmingham

Dr. Cathy Randall, Director Emerita, UA Computer-Based Honors Program, Tuscaloosa

Steve Shaw, President, Couch USA, Dothan

Guice Slauson, Sr.  President, Southeast Wood Treating, Inc, Montgomery

Rep. Elwyn Thomas, Oneonta

Irma Tuder, Founder, Analytical Services, Inc. Huntsville

Marc Tyson, President, Ready Mix, USA, Birmingham

Edgar Welden, retired businessman, Birmingham

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