African-American voters react to election results

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - African-American voters provide a large base of support for the Democratic Party.  Inside the Heritage Barber Shop, the Republican sweep was the day's hot topic.

Ben Howard said the results are somewhat disappointing.

"If Republicans are in power and the majority of blacks are Democrats, then you do the math," Howard said.

Alabama State University student Trevor Small owns a small business. He says the results could provide an opportunity for change.

"It's going to make both parties work together to get their agenda across," Small said.

Alabama State University Humanities Professor Derryn Moten said African-American voter attitudes are shifting, especially among younger voters.

"The impact or the reach of either national party or the capacity I should say of either political party within the African-American community is shrinking and it's generational," Moten said.

And he says all voters expect the two parties to work together.

"The Republicans even though if they are in control have to play with the Democrats," Moten said. "They can't run roughshod over the legislature."

Back at the Heritage Barber Shop, the feeling is Democrats will have to make changes if want to win back control of state government.

"They have to go back to the drawing board, to the basics to come up with a new game plan," said Vladimir "Boo Man" Averett, the owner of the shop.

Until that happens, some voters say they're willing to give the Republicans a chance at least until the next election.

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