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Rest Easy: New spray promises to kill and get rid of bed bugs for good

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A couple of local men are taking a bite out of the bed bug epidemic.

They've come up with a product to blast the little bloodsuckers right out of your bed.

The product is called Bug-E-Spray and the claim is that it kills bed bugs.

"It's a product that's safe and doesn't bring toxins into the world and people can use it in their homes."

In fact most bed bug go belly up in about a minute after a direct hit of the spray.

"Within a minute or two its dead, for sure."

Unlike pesticides the spray is said to dissolve the outside of the bug, which in part prevents bugs from developing a resistance and becoming what's called super bugs.

"I am excited this is a product that's safe."

It's so safe according to the owners of The Green Remediator, that one of them even puts some of the spay in his mouth.

"When you are treating your bed you then have to lay down on it so you definitely don't want to put a pesticide on your bed."

These inventors did not spend years of specific research developing their product, they say they stumbled upon it by accident.

"We actually started out working in mold and found out that it attacks bed bugs."

With the increase in bed bugs we're also seeing an explosion of web sites on creepy bugs.

Here are a few that should be able to answer any and all questions you've ever had. And as if it were a big shock….yes there's an app for that.

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