Cam Newton Controversy Hangs Over Homecoming


November 5, 2010

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The controversy surrounding an alleged recruiting scandal and Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is causing quite a distraction as the tigers head into homecoming tomorrow. The N-C-double A  is looking into the allegation.
Many at Auburn are mourning the loss of the school's sciences and mathematics dean.  Dr.   Marie Woo ten was jogging with a colleague when she was hit by a car and killed this morning. The colleague was airlifted to Columbus Medical center. She's listed in serious condition.
 Next week the suspect charged with killing Auburn University Freshman Lauren Burke in 2008 goes on trial.  Tonight at six we'll hear from her friends who say it's time for justice.
Also tonight with the cold winter months are upon us, how safe is your fireplace to use?  We've got some tips you'll want to hear.  
Join us for these stories plus your Doppler 12 Storm vision Forecast tonight @ 5 & 6 on WSFA 12 News. 
Valorize Lawson