Montgomery County launches new website

MONTGOMERY, AL - The Montgomery County Commission has launched its new website, which contains the latest in news and information for all county residents.

The site has a more user friendly layout and will increase its effectiveness for county residents to find what they are seeking. Montgomery County Commission Chairman Elton Dean expressed his approval of the new website.

"We're very proud of the new website," Chairman Dean said, "We know that everyone will benefit from using all the valuable resources that the website has to offer. The site has much to offer in terms of information and convenience and is a great educational tool for general information about Montgomery County."

The website has been tailor made to answer the public's frequently asked questions according to Public Affairs Director DiDi Henry. She noted that the county switchboard receives a number of phone calls each month from residents who are trying to locate phone numbers for certain county departments and offices but don't know where to look in the phonebook.

The website solves all these problems from the home page with its "A-Z listing of services" under the button "How Do I?" Numbers of all county departments, listings of county events, visitor's information, the ability to renew car tags and pay property and sales taxes online are just a few services provided by the website. Up-to-date information concerning the county commissioner meetings are also posted on the homepage.

"The new site is useful and educational and is a site that we encourage our citizens to bookmark for future reference."  She also noted that the site offers information for residents, business owners or those looking to locate a business to Montgomery County and for visitors to the area. "It is definitely a site where you can login and stay awhile," she added.