Mann's Bait Company Reeling in Business

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Eufaula, AL (WSFA) - If we were to tell this like a fish story, it would be the big one, that almost got away.   About 6 years ago Mann's Bait Company in Eufaula decided to send some of its production of hard plastic lures to China.   "After the first two years of doing business in china we noticed a problem in logistics," said Mann's president Frank Oelerich.   "Getting stuff back to the U.S. was tough, and frankly the cost advantage wasn't there."

So this year Mann's made a very tough financial decision.   It decided to scrap its plan overseas and reel that business back to the U.S.   "Mann's is a one trick pony, all we do is make fishing lures."   So Mann's invested a bunch of money and bought some new equipment so it could start pumping out all its lures in Alabama.

While there's a lot of machinery, this is still a hands on business.   Workers put on all the hooks, spray paint, and package all the lures.   "The number of steps it takes to make a lure, it's usually touched 30 or 40 times before it ends up in the package."

Mann's Bait Company has been in business for 50 years, and now it's back the way they like it, every lure will touch Alabama hands before going into the water.

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