Cash for Kindness: Lee County Volunteer

Posted by: Valorie Lawson - bio | email

OPELIKA, AL (WSFA) - I'm finding giving away $120 dollars is easy! We went to Opelika to pass along some Cash for Kindness. There, we met a woman who does little thing that got her some big recognition .

Velma Dowdell sent me an e-mail to tell us about her friend Billie Hubbard. "She volunteers for the hospital, she volunteers for extension she goes to Auburn day care the Boys and Girls club." You'd think Billie Hubbard was a valued employee. She's valued alright, but as a volunteer. She told us Hubbard is like family. "She has lots of family though."

She's known as Mother Hubbard and for the past 17 years she's volunteered at the Alabama Extension system in Opelika. She puts up bulletin boards, organizes papers and mail-outs, you name it. Her work is so valued that her friends at the Opelika Extension system wanted to recognize her for all of her efforts and that's when we stepped in with a little Cash for Kindness.

We surprised her at the extension office. When she got back from lunch Velma handed over 120 dollars. "Lord have mercy," said Hubbard. "I was just this morning talking about the children that I had gone to see yesterday and what I had given them to celebrate Halloween and here you are giving you something...yes." She often spends her own money to make sure her students aren't left out.

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