Parents make a difference at Montgomery school

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This isn't just another day at Floyd Middle School in Montgomery but a new day, a new beginning, one filled with pride over the school's new computer lab complete with 35 brand new computers.

And 12-year old Derriyon Winns couldn't be happier.

"It's easier to work with and they're faster than the ones we had," said Winns.

How did it happen?

"This has been an adventure," said Stacy Sparks, President of the PSTA.

An adventure that started two years ago for Sparks. The time had come for a change.

"They had the old Dells, 8 year computers. They were very slow and some were broken and we figured this was the best way to spend the money," said Sparks.

An idea turned into action. They raised the cash, one dollar at a time.

"Donations from parents, fundraisers and a few business sponsors," Sparks said.

Within two years Sparks along with 300 parents raised $5,000 to buy the computers, impressive considering the tight economy, a textbook case of parents not afraid to get involved. Sparks says the computers they got normally cost around $10,000.

"It says they value their child's education," said school principal Vince Johnson.

And already the payoff is being felt.

"Just last week they were able to complete a science project on the computers," Johnson said.

The remarkable thing about this drive to improve the school's computer lab is the fact this isn't the end of the story. More computers are on the way, according to Sparks.

"Another lab is opening in December and we hope to have our third lab in March," Sparks said.

"I like the newer applications," Winns said.

New applications, new computers for students like Derriyon Winns. They'll remember Stacy Sparks and her fellow parents as being mighty nice to make such a big difference at Floyd Middle Magnet School.

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