Editorial: Veterans Salute

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We salute the 35,000 veterans living in the River Region and encourage everyone to celebrate and honor our veterans more than just one day a year.

Less than 10% of Americans have served in the military so it is a very select group who we owe much to and need to show as much love and appreciation for as we can.

Without them, our lives would be much different.

We don't say thank you enough in our daily lives but this is a group of people who deserve a daily thank you!

Montgomery will be one of 17 cities in the nation to host a Valentines 4 Veterans concert February 11th in the Davis Theatre.

The Alabama National Fair in Montgomery kicks off every October with a Military appreciation Day.

Montgomery was recognized as a model city for observing Veterans Day this year in part because of the rekindling of a parade for vets downtown.

With Maxwell Air Force Base and the Gunter Annex such an integral part of our community, every day should be Veterans Day.