Deer vs. car: The damages and dangers

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  "That's Keith right there."

Ronnie Shaw can only imagine what his brother saw just 4 weeks ago.

"It's an absolute miracle," says Shaw.

His brother, Keith was riding a motorcycle in Elmore County when he hit a deer.  The motorcycle landed on top of him.

"Basically, [it] caved him in right in here, and actually he had an aortic tear in his abdomen that should have killed him at the scene."

Shaw says his brother was so close to dying "we just were basically prepared for the worst."

Keith is alive, but still in an induced coma.

The incident hits home for Shaw, who works in the auto insurance industry.

"We deal with hitting deer on a regular basis, I mean on a weekly basis," says Shaw.

Some of those vehicles end up with Mark Mitchell at Action Collision Center.

He says they get five to seven deer related repairs per week.

"You can see where it got into the A/C condenser...the radiator, back here, you can see where the cooling fans have gotten back into the engine compartment," says Mitchell.

The cost to repair?

"As much as $1,500-to $5,000 dollars," adds Mitchell.

Most drivers say the crashes were unavoidable, but if you catch a glimpse of the deer first?

"Slow down to the point of stopping," says Shaw.

This is the second time Shaw's brother, Keith, has been in a motorcycle accident with a deer.

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