Families of the Year: The Birchfield Family

The Birchfield Family
The Birchfield Family

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Deciding to increase the size of your family isn't always easy. The Birchfield family, one of six families nominated by the Family Guidance Center of Alabama for Families of the Year, made that decision after much prayer and knowing it was the right thing to do according to their Christian faith.

The Love the Birchfield family has for one another is clear. But, recently they decided to share their love with a little girl named Hope. She was adopted from Moldova,  a small country located near the Ukraine.

Tanya Birchfield told us, "As we became more and more aware...putting faces on children throughout the world that have no family and no home we became burden that we could do more."

While the adoption process had it's challenges, the Birchfield's continued to focus on bringing little Hope home.

She was almost two when she came to live with the Birchfield's. She was smaller than most children her own age.

Andy Birchfield said there were other concerns. "She was just like in a shell. We had to work very hard to get her to smile Tanya and I said we couldn't wait for her to get into some type of mischief just to show some sense of independence."

Getting into mischief didn't take long. Before they knew it, Hope had become their joy. Her new brother Dow and new sister Beth were happy to have the new addition in their family.

"It really has been a humbling experience to me to see just how wonderful she is and how she adds on to our family," said Dow.

His sister Beth added, "At first it was rough having this little one all around but now it's so much fun and now I have this little extra play toy."

The Birchfield family has started an orphan care ministry through their church.

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