Families of the Year: The Ellis Family

The Ellis Family
The Ellis Family

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SHORTER, AL (WSFA) - Some say how you handle a problem can define you. The Ellis family has been through  their share of ups and downs but through it all they stayed together and worked it out as a family.

Facing adversity is nothing new for the Ellis family. When John and Deborah got married 28 years ago they wanted to have children but three miscarriages almost dashed their hopes until the birth of their two children Keone and LeKeya.

LeKeya was born with a leaning disability but John and Deborah never wavered. They thanked God for their miracle.

"We tried so hard to have children..so whatever was expected whatever God wanted for us that's what's going to be so when they came out with toes and fingers they were ours," said Deborah.

The Ellis family faced another challenge in 1999 when Deborah was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"We sat down and stepped back and said we're going to get through this and we did,"  said John.

At ages 10 and 9 the children pitched in with chores and their dad John made sure the children's lives were as normal as possible.

"Faith without work is dead...we put in the work and I guess that's why we're still together,"  said Keone.

Deborah is now cancer free but they haven't forgotten those uncertain days. They refer to them as their testimony of how faith and family can get you through just about anything.

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