Families of the Year: The Hill Family

The Hill Family
The Hill Family

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - All week, we've been introducing you to the Family Guidance Center of Alabama's Families of the Year nominees. All of them have a story of what makes them unique. The Hill family shared with us how a family loss became an inspiration to others.

On a typical day at the Hill home you can find them playing a game or watching TV. Whatever they do they try to do it together. But recently, their lives were greatly impacted when they loss Thomas.

Thomas died in 2009 from a chronic lung disease. "He was three and a half when he passed away and he touched everyone's heart," said mother Grayson Hill.

Thomas spent most of his days at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. "Everything became a team effort. Taking care of the girls we just appreciated our time together," said dad Charlie Hill.

Once Thomas came home the team included the girls Sara Beth and Caroline. They became instrumental in helping with Thomas' daily care.

"Sometimes it was fun because we helped and stuff," said Sara Beth. "He was always smiling and laughing it was fun," said Caroline.

Although Thomas is no longer with them in life, he remains part of this family in spirit. They still celebrate his birthday as a way of showing their love for him and what they always want to be known as a family.

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