Fans urged to use caution against counterfeit tickets

AUBURN, AL - For the upcoming Auburn-Georgia football game, the Auburn Athletic Ticket Office is reminding fans to use caution regarding the possibility of counterfeit tickets.

The only authorized outlets for Auburn-Georgia tickets are the Auburn and Georgia Athletic Ticket offices. Purchasing tickets from other sources is done at the buyers' own risk.

Officials from EOG will be at every gate to not allow counterfeit tickets to enter the stadium. If a counterfeit ticket is discovered, the ticket holder will be escorted out of the stadium.

Listed are several educational points regarding counterfeit tickets as well as several security measures to ensure fans that they posses authentic tickets.

Use Caution:
Fans should exercise caution when approached in outer parking lots. Counterfeit sellers have been known to travel by bicycle so they can move away quickly if approached by law enforcement.

Check the Section:
If the ticket is for sections 17-27 or the upper part of section 28 (rows 28-48) it is counterfeit. This is the Auburn Student Section and no tickets are printed for these sections.

Crisp vs. Grainy:
Counterfeit tickets are high quality color copies on similar paper stock to the originals. When inspected closer, counterfeit tickets will appear slightly darker in color. The photo on the ticket
will appear grainier and of less quality than an original ticket. Sometimes the ticket can appear off-center as well.

Counterfeit Measures:
Auburn Football Tickets are printed with four different security features. Three are easily identifiable (shown in the adjacent photos).

Security Feature 1:
The front of the Auburn ticket features a silver security foil in the shape of the "AU" logo. This is the easiest security feature to check at a quick glance. When turned slightly towards the light, the foil features a unique "wagon wheel" mark and the words "Valid", "Authentic", and "Secure" can be seen.

If the silver foil does not feature this unique "wagon wheel" logo, it should be considered counterfeit. Recent examples of counterfeit tickets have featured similar silver foil with the words "secure, "authentic", and a circular logo. This is likely a copied version of the unique
Auburn security foil and will appear dull and harder to distinguish when held toward light. Counterfeit versions have also featured a silver foil that features stars when held to light. The die cut around the "AU" logo will likely be less clean and crisp on counterfeit versions.

Security Feature 2: The back of the Auburn ticket features a stadium diagram. If an individual takes a coin or key and rubs in the center of the stadium diagram, the "AU" logo will appear. This is one of the best security features but difficult to check when approached by a seller.

Security Feature 3: Auburn football tickets are printed on a 10 pt. safety back premium ticket stock. The back of the ticket features the "WW&L Safety" watermark. When torn, a red-colored center is exposed. Recent examples of counterfeit tickets have been able to duplicate the
pinkish/red center. The watermark will also show up on a color copied counterfeit.

Security Feature 4: If swabbed with bleach, the back of the ticket will turn pink. If swabbed with paint thinner, the back of the ticket will also reveal blue flecks. If illuminated by a UV light, the back of the ticket will have short, randomly placed fibers that appear green in color.

Before Buying Tickets from Individuals:

œCheck for the unique "wagon wheel" in the silver foil "AU" logo on
the front of the ticket
œCheck the clarity of the ticket. Does the picture appear grainy or
is the centering off?
œTell the seller about the scratch-off "AU" logo on the back. Ask if
they will let you rub it with a coin to check the ticket's authenticity.
If they refuse, use caution.
œAsk the seller if they will accompany you to the Auburn Arena Ticket
Office or the West Will Call Booth to verify authenticity of the ticket.
A ticket office staff member will check security features and verify if
the ticket is authentic. If they refuse, use caution.
œIf you suspect an individual is selling counterfeit tickets, please
alert the nearest law enforcement officer you see.

For additional questions, please contact the Auburn ticket office at 1-800-AUB-1957.