Holiday hiring on the rise

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For five months now, Alabama's unemployment rate has dropped and is now standing at 8.9 percent. Still, for people without jobs right now, the holiday season could be the chance they need.

Managers at several businesses say they're hiring more people this year than they did last year.

For many Alabamians, this means that the chances of getting a job may be a little higher.

Managers at Chappy's Deli off Perry Hill Road expect this holiday season to be much busier than last year. In anticipation for this, the company hired nearly 20 more employees just to handle the rush.

At the Target store in Montgomery, managers have already filled nearly 60 seasonal positions. Four more than last year and the response for these jobs has been huge.

"It's constantly busy, especially during lunch, but during the holiday season people are out and it lasts a lot longer. Nobody's in a hurry to get back to work, so it's always longer days, a lot more business. It's very beneficial for us," said Chappy's Deli manager David Shaffer.

More than 800 people applied for jobs at Target.

For a smaller boutique store like Francesca's Collections at East Chase, they're expecting record sales so they've doubled their amount of seasonal employees there.

It's all because businesses want to ready for increased foot traffic.

"This year is projected to be our best year ever. We're supposed to hit over a million. So, it's a really great hopefully cross our fingers, successful holiday season," stated manager Elizabeth Arrington.

The key to getting these jobs is to apply now. Many stores like Target have already filled their positions.

Managers at Target say they will reevaluate employees at the beginning of December.

So even if they're done hiring for now, go ahead and still apply. You might get lucky later.

Additionally, most managers say if you get hired for a seasonal position and do well, you may actually get to stay with the company and keep your job.

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