Holiday hiring could help unemployed find jobs

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Large or small, retail or restaurant, businesses need you.

"We usually increase our employment here by at least 10-20 percent," says Chappy's Deli Manager, David Shaffer.

That means nearly 20 more employees for the holiday rush.

Mosand Headley lost her previous job months ago, and just started waitressing at Chappy's. This is her second time working there and says thanks to the holidays, there's room for her, again.

"It's so hard during this time to find a job. You look other places. To me it's like coming home here."

Restaurant managers expect this season to be much busier than last. They're not the only ones.

Elizabeth Arrington at Francesca's Collections in East Chase has high hopes for an economic turn-around.

"This year is projected to be our best year ever."

That's why she's doubling the number of seasonal employees.

Morgan Tyler was lucky enough to land a spot.

"It's nice. I know money is tight especially right now and I know there's a lot of people looking for jobs and I'm just fortunate that I can have a job where I have steady income and I can put it towards school."

The big question, though is will these positions become permanent?

Managers say there's a good chance.

"As long as you want to be here, you do your job...we'll keep you," says Shaffer.

The key to landing a seasonal position is to apply early. Many stores are still taking applications. But, even if they're not, managers say apply anyway.  Since some employees quit mid-season, they say it could open up a spot for you.

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