Troy set to demolish historic Shepherd Building

The Executive/Shepherd Building at Troy Montgomery. (Source: Wikipedia)
The Executive/Shepherd Building at Troy Montgomery. (Source: Wikipedia)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The building at 312 Montgomery Street in downtown Montgomery is on the National Historic Register, but it will soon be just a pile of rubble. Troy University started demolition of the Executive Building Monday.

The 8-story building, also known as the Shepherd Building, is currently vacant and has become a hazard due to its disrepair, Troy officials said.

Facility plans for the brick building, donated to the University in 2002, included a renovation request at the cost of approximately $7 million, but those plans fell flat when Troy hired an architectural firm to evaluate the building and its systems.

The report indicated that every system in the building was "outdated and inadequate" and that hazardous materials would have to be removed before it could be used again. While the University admitted the building deserved to be renovated to its original look, the Montgomery campus has a serious need for storage and office space.

Demolition of the building is expected be finished in approximately two to three months. Once the demolition is complete, Troy will use the location to provide "green space" and additional parking for its Montgomery Campus.

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