Alabama Inmates Transferred To Mississippi

Alabama took the first steps today toward easing overcrowding in state prisons. One hundred Alabama inmates arrived at a private prison in Tutwiler, Mississippi.

Governor Riley and the Alabama Department of Corrections signed an emergency contract June 26th with Corrections Corporation of America. The deal will eventually send about 14-hundred male inmates to C-C-A-'s Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility. The state is trying to comply with two court orders to end overcrowding. One demands state prisoners be removed from county jails. Another orders the state to reduce the number of inmates at Tutwiler Prison for women in Wetumpka.

The state has already sent 300 women prisoners to a private lockup in Louisiana to ease overcrowding at Tutwiler prison. D-O-C spokesman Brian Corbett has said it will cost the state the same to house inmates in Mississippi as it would in Alabama. D-O-C Commissioner Donal Campbell is scheduled to visit Tallahatchie this week. Inmates will continue to be transferred there over the next several weeks.