Reading to children earns woman some 'Cash for Kindness'

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Losing a loved one can create a void in your life.  In Cash for Kindness we passed along 12o dollars to a woman who found a surprising way to fill her void after losing a loved one in a surprising way that turned into an Inspiration for an entire school.

A lot of learning goes on at Coosada Elementary school and not all the teaching is done by teachers.  Volunteers like Muriel Bellmont are a big help.  She was nominated by Jacquelyn Thomas a teacher at the school.   "She's 88 years old and more reliable than the mail."

Mrs. Bellmont started volunteering 10 years ago, shortly after her husband passed away.    "They make her smile.  They create a warm spot in her heart. It gives her purpose and I think that's important for her right now."  Said Thomas.

Jacquelyn Thomas wanted to give Mrs. Bellmont a big thank you for her dedication to the children at Coosada Elementary.  We gave Mrs. Thomas a little cash for kindness as a way to show her gratitude.  We caught up with Mrs.  Bellmont in the library.

Mrs. Thomas told Mrs. Bellmont about her nomination for Cash for Kindness and she passed along the 120 bucks.  Mrs. Bellmont was shocked.   "Is this why you wanted me to come this afternoon.  I usually come at 8:15 in the morning but she called me yesterday and said can you come in the afternoon I said sure as long as it doesn't mess up my hair appointment."

Mrs. Bellmont believes in keeping her appointment with the students.  She's never missed a day in her 10 years of volunteering.  What started out as a way to stay busy is now one of the biggest incentives these students have to read.

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