Editorial: Restoring Trust

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A lobbyist should not be permitted to spend one penny on a public official.

If that is not part of a new state ethics law in a potential special session of the legislature on ethics reform, why bother even calling for a special session?  Tough penalties for violating that component of the law should also accompany the change.

Another must add in an ethics bill is for all of us to know who is bankrolling candidates.

And know it before election day.  Banning transferring campaign donations from one political action committee to another is the key to this change – from the donors, the candidates and their parties.

The ethics commission should also be given subpoena power – with restrictions to limit abusing that power.

Critical financial issues must be addressed in the next legislative session but without restoring integrity and trust in our public officials it will be difficult to win buy in from voters on any issues.