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D.W. Moody Hardware closing

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - D.W. Moody True Value Hardware has been a fixture in Montgomery for 60 years.

Now, the family owned business on McGhee Road will soon shut it's doors for the last time.

Owners say revenues simply aren't there and they can't compete with the big box stores.

Perhaps it's a sign of the times.

Local Mom and Pop stores closing up shop, victims of a down economy.

"There's a little melancholy feeling to it."

For the past sixty years D. Moody and his family have operated D.W. Moody True Value Hardware.

"It's going to hurt me...and the people that have been coming here all these years," admitted D. Moody.

John Cocker has been coming to shop there since 1975.

He says it's the one on one attention he'll miss most.

"You go in big box stores...you're on your own...and the next time you go in there...it's in a different place," said Cocker.

"You walk in the door and normally they'll meet you, ask if they can help you and it will be sad to see it close," added customer Frank Bennett.

Moody says thanks to competition from the big box stores, and a lack of home building going on now, he just can't make ends meet.

He is not only letting go of his business but longtime and dedicated employees.

"We have some that may be in the 30 year range...they started here with us real young and grew with us," stated Moody.

"It's good to recruit new firms but the bread and butter, heart and soul is small business."

State Treasurer and incoming Lt. Governor Kay Ivey says while it may be indicative of the economy, there's work to be done.

"We've got to find and pay more attention to putting resources to our existing firms and small businesses so they can expand and not close," said Ivey.

So as D. Moody knocks down his prices, he's working to build up other small businesses.

"Their revenues don't go to Arkansas or North Carolina or Georgia...they stay right here in the community," proclaimed Moody.

The store's original location on Decatur Street will remain open.

Moody says he'll sell what's left at the McGhee Road location at discounted prices until they close, soon after Thanksgiving.

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