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Technology to help you stay safe

Technology can keep you aware of crime in your neighborhood.  Montgomery Police report a substantial decrease in significant crimes compared to a year ago. 

Police know you can keep some crooks at bay by keeping a watchful eye on who comes and goes in your neighborhood.  When there is an active neighborhood watch group in place, the bad guys have a tendency to move to other locales where they can operate without being watched.

Now, thanks to on line technology, you can know when a crime is committed in your neighborhood.  We found a web site, that maps crimes by location, date and type of crime.  It takes information available on line from the MPD, and places is in a map with icons for crime categories.

A crime victim we brought in to look at the maps, Kenny J. Smith, thought they would be helpful.  His home, not far from WSFA 12 News studios, has been burglarized three times in the last year.  

Random neighbors we talked with think the technology could be helpful especially if someone is buying a house and would like to check out criminal activity in the neighborhood.

Technology can also be helpful in keeping up with registered sex offenders who may be moving into your neighborhood.  The Alabama Department of Public Safety operates an excellent site that lists all registered sex offenders and includes a photograph.

And police departments around the country are using technology to predict where criminals will strike - especially residential burglaries.  The computers analyze data provided by investigators and it then gives its prediction as to where and when the crooks are likely to strike again.

While technology is giving residents a "heads up" about crime in their neighborhoods, police say there is no substitute for homeowners keeping an eye on their property and the folks who live nearby.  If you see something suspicious, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call police. 

You can contact the Montgomery Police Department about organizing a neighborhood watch program.  They will come and meet with you and your neighbors and show you how you can keep your family and your property safer from criminals.

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