Wrights Mill Road Teacher a Class Act

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Auburn, AL (WSFA) - In Ms. Amanda Kaye Bain's 2nd grade class you better pay attention.   The Wrights Mill Road Elementary School teacher in Auburn is full of energy!   "I don't think they can be passionate and enthusiastic, unless I'm passionate and enthusiastic," Bain said.   "If they know you believe in them they'll give it back 10-fold."

Ms. Bain has taught at Wrights Mill Road for 6 years and she knows all about teaching.     Her mom spent 29-years in the classroom.     After leaving Auburn University she interned here for a year and then got the permanent job.     "Teaching is such a great profession, because you can collaborate with other great adults and make an impact on a child's life.   So it's the perfect match."

She's definitely a perfect match for her students.  Ms. Amanda Kaye Bain from Wrights Mill Road Elementary School in Auburn, this week's Class Act.

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