Slot Car Racing in Prattville

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Prattville, AL (WSFA) - Gentlemen start your...... electric motors.   It's a hobby that dates back to the 1950's, and these racers are still going strong.  It's called slot car racing.   "I started doing this in 1964," said slot car racer Billy Watson.   Watson loves racing so much he built a track in his basement.   "We call this place the dungeon raceway."

While you won't find to many slot car tracks these days, 50 years ago, it was the place to be.  "Back in 1965 or 66 on a Saturday if you wanted to race, you'd have to call and make a reservation."    Now the tracks are wide open, and these slot car speedsters still enjoy a hobby that takes them back to the good old days.     "It's just a stress relief, a tension relief, just getting away from the ordinary," said slot car racer Tom Sellers.   And this isn't just for the boys.    "No you have to intimidate them a little bit," said Minnie Watson.  She carries around her cars, and awards in a big pink box.

The cars themselves are pretty simple.   You get a clear plastic shell, paint the inside, put in a little motor, and go!    "It's the best racing I've ever done, and you don't get hurt," said Sellers.

If you'd like to give it a try they're always looking for new racers, they'll even provide the car.   Just call Billy Watson at 365-1482.

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