Attorney General Bill Pryor Supports Governor's Tax Package

Attorney General Bill Pryor has become the highest-ranking state official to endorse Governor Riley's tax and accountability package. Pryor says he plans to vote for the package September ninth because it would provide new tax revenue to help underfunded and understaffed criminal justice programs.

Pryor says prisons need more money so Alabama doesn't have to send inmates to other states. Forensic sciences needs more money so that it doesn't take two years to do the tests in a rape case. And the courts need more money so they won't have to halt jury trials again. Some of the conservative groups that have endorsed Pryor in past elections are opposing Riley's package. Pryor says he's not worried about any political repercussions because he's always believed in speaking his mind.

Pryor endorsed the package Thursday while speaking at a graduation ceremony for 26 new state troopers. The troopers completed 22 weeks of training in Selma. Now they'll go into the highway patrol division and work with experienced officers for the next ten weeks.